Contests and Freebies!!



So you want to be a big star???

Well I can’t make you a star, but I can teach you how to cook like one!  WKC will be filming another episode of my 1 hit wonder cooking show “What’s Kita Cooking?” and I am looking for two of my readers to join me to cook for my viewers.  To be eligible all you have to do is:

  1. Follow this blog!  (How can you cook with me when you know nothing about me and my food?), and
  2. Send me a picture of your attempt at one of the recipes posted on the blog.

Depending on the number of response, the winners will be chosen randomly.  In addition to filming with me, you will also receive a WKC Gourmet Goodie Basket!  What are you waiting for?  LET’S GET COOKING!!

Send submissions to: with the Subject: I want to cook with Kita!

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